Even Fetuses Can't Escape Rigid Gender Roles on 19 Kids and Counting

19 Kids and Counting pulled the ole bait and switch on us Tuesday night, spending the whole hour with second-generation Duggars including oldest son Josh, his wife Anna and their tiny micro-family of just three kids. But at least they were headed somewhere cool: a gender reveal party! » 11/19/14 12:25pm Wednesday 12:25pm

Let These Virgin Coaches Teach You How to Do Sex

TLC's new series Virgin Coaches centers on Bill and Janean Fuller as they lead couples dedicated to saving themselves for the wedding night through an intensive sex retreat. You might ask what, exactly, do the Fullers even do during a sex retreat involving nothin' but celibates, the answer is simple: Manage… » 11/12/14 2:00pm 11/12/14 2:00pm

Meet Bleona, the Beyoncé of Bravo's Euros of Hollywood

Every member of the cast of Bravo's Euros of Hollywood, which premiered Monday night, is singularly delightful. Obviously there is no better American than an American who recently immigrated here, and the "Euros" are all ecstatically patriotic and sincerely optimistic in a way that's weirdly galvanizing? ("They're… » 11/04/14 2:40pm 11/04/14 2:40pm

Roommates Are the Scariest Shit on Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories

Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories (Adult Swim, Thursday nights at 12:15/11:15c.) is hitting this note between horror and absurdist humor right now that's disturbingly accurate to real life. Like if you told me the Venn Diagram that would most accurately represent the day to day world was the overlap between Terror +… » 10/17/14 2:15pm 10/17/14 2:15pm

The Married at First Sight Couples, Six Months Later

Tuesday night, FYI decided to follow up with Married At First Sight's three couples six months after the finale and find out if they'd stayed together (or apart). The show also tried its best to crucify Monet and Vaughn. » 9/17/14 3:20pm 9/17/14 3:20pm

The Miss America Pageant Has No Business Handing Out Scholarships

The 2015 Miss America Pageant was aired by America's Broadcasting Company last night, with a parade of beautiful young women judged on how they walked in evening wear, the attractiveness of their bodies, a "talent" and their ability to answer hard-hitting, complex question in ten seconds. » 9/15/14 12:35pm 9/15/14 12:35pm